President of Czech Republic openly against Muslims

In the aftermath of the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, the president of the Czech Republic, Miloš Zeman, attended a rally organised by an anti-Muslim organisation.

Zemen is the Czech Republic’s answer to Donald Trump in the United States, according to an opinion-editorial published online by The Conversation.

The author, Jan Culik, is a senior lecturer in Czech Studies at the University of Glasgow,. He writes: “Just as Trump continues to appeal as a presidential candidate, the Czech public can’t seem to get enough of Zeman. He has become a symbol of defiant anti-Muslim, anti-refugee and a protector of his own people. According to a recent opinion poll, 72.3% of Czechs like Zeman for his anti-refugee attitude.

Zeman, an economist, served as prime minister between 1998 and 2002. In 2007, he left politics and retired. In 2013 he returned, becoming the country’s first president to be elected by popular vote (the post was until the then appointed by parliamentary votes).

In related news, The Prague Monitor quoted Zeman as warning that Czech Republic, most probably Prague, will be hit by a terrorist attack of Islamic radicals sooner or later.

“Sooner or later, a terrorist attack will occur in the Czech Republic as well,” he said. “Probably in Prague, judging by their [Islamic radicals] modus operandi. However, I expect some more attacks to occur even sooner in London, Berlin, and possibly also other countries that the terrorists find more interesting than the Czech Republic, because in these countries, the attacks arouse bigger panic.

“I believe that the fight against terrorism must be far more radical and effective [than now], including the expulsion of suspicious persons from the country,” he added.


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