Real face of the 500,00 invaders about to be forced on us by Merkel

In a dramatic new warning, the Hungarian prime minister has said that EU and Turkish leaders are set to announce a behind-the-scenes agreement to resettle hundreds of thousands of people displaced by the war in Syria.

It is unknown how many of the 500,000 will arrive in Britain, but fears have been raised that a significant number could be drawn by the UK’s generous welfare system.

It comes just days after the EU agreed a €3billion (£2.1bn) funding package for Turkey – and fast track Turkish membership of the European Union -in return for their help in stemming the flow of migrants passing through on their way to Europe.

He said: “The issue [of resettlement] will be a hot potato in the coming period because even though this could be kept in a semi-secret state…someone somewhere – I think in Berlin this week – will announce that 400,000-500,000 Syrian refugees could be brought straight from Turkey to the EU.

“This nasty surprise still awaits Europeans.”

He added that EU nations would then be obliged to resettle them, with “intense” pressure to take in quotas of newly-arrived refugees.

Mr Orban continued: “They say we should not only bring these people to Europe but divide them amongst ourselves, as an obligation.”

“It will not be an easy one because obviously we cannot accept it like this.”

Hungary has firmly resisted the idea of resettlement quotas to distribute more evenly the migrants, most of whom wanted to go to Germany or Sweden.

The agreement was reportedly floated at the recent EU summit in Malta but was abandoned and not included in the multi-billion pound EU-Turkey agreements signed at the weekend in Brussels after diplomats failed to gather the necessary support for it.

UKIP defence spokesman Mike Hookem MEP says the plansare “utterly unacceptable” and Europe’s citizens were “being deliberately kept in the dark”.

“Poll after poll shows that immigration is the number one concern for voters in the UK and people in other EU countries are also upset at the number of migrants being foisted on them by foreign leaders.

“We were told yesterday in Brussels by an EU security adviser that Daesh [ISIS] could well be planning to use the community tensions from mass resettlement to their advantage by radicalising those who find themselves in neighbourhoods where they are not welcome.”

He added: “We’ve seen the problems in Sweden, Germany and France and we know the Schengen agreement makes our security easier to breach.

“It seems EU leaders are more concerned about migrants than the people who actually pay their wages.

“It looks to me like the genuine good will of people, including the British public who have always welcomed genuine refugees, is being exploited particularly if adequate security checks are not carried out.”

Such comments are, sadly, hugely understating the real danger. The migrant invasion is not just about a few extra home-grown radical Jihadists planting a few extra bombs.

The whole of western Europe is right now seeing a full scale invasion by tens of thousands of battle-hardened Islamist militants, who will be heroes, trainers and officers to several million locally born young Sunni Muslims who will rise up with them in a Europe-wide Islamist version of the Muslim Brotherhood rebellions in recent decades in Syria, or the Viet Cong’s 1968 Tet Offensive.

The invaders keep coming. Weapons are pouring in. Plans are being made. The fuse has been lit. What will you do?


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