Black Lives Matter Hosting ‘Blacks-Only’ Event In Portland

Apparently the best way to fight perceived racism is with actual racism. I guess firefighters battle wildfires by lighting backfires, so maybe it will work with racism too. Then again, in that scenario the wildfire actually exists, unlike the racism activists cry about, so maybe that’s a bad analogy. In any case, a Black Lives Matter group is hosting a “blacks only” event to combat racist exclusion.

The Milwaukee Community Journal reports that the Portland, OR chapter of Black Lives Matter was inspired by a South African event earlier this year called “For Black Girls Only.” Figuring it can’t be racist if Africans do it, event organizer Ebony Oldham has put together a similar day of “no honkies” for the hipster capital of the world. “Black Joy: Self Care Saturday for Black Girls and Women” will take place on November 28 at The Center for Intercultural Organizing, though there will only be one culture welcomed.

Oldham promises, “the day will be a safe space centered around Blackness, community love and radical healing.”

“It’s a space to self care and uplift black folks. Oftentimes we are so engaged in work because we are in a state of emergency every day that we forget to take care of ourselves and each other,” said Oldham.

The Black Joy event is a Black-only celebration. For Oldham, this is fundamental to the celebration that is focused on unapologetic self-acceptance.

Unapologetic self-acceptance sure does sound like racist exclusion, doesn’t it? I wonder if white people could celebrate self-acceptance without getting sued by the ACLU. Probably not.

But wait, this isn’t completely exclusionary:

Oldham said the space is open and accessible to as many Black women as possible, including those who don’t speak English, people with disabilities and former inmates.

The event welcomes women, girls, queer-indentified women, non-gender conforming people, transgender women and those who identify as femme.

Damn, this sounds like a blast. I can’t believe white straight people can’t participate.

“It’s important to reclaim that Black folks do have a space here and we can create our own. I think it is also important to just have spaces that are for ourselves, without any allies,” Oldham said.

Yes, nothing beats racism like segregation. There was a time in this country when blacks not only had their own “spaces”, but also their own schools, bathrooms, water fountains, etc…and for some reason they weren’t real happy about that. In fact there was this whole thing call the Civil Rights Movement that fought against segregation. Oldham should look it up on Wikipedia.

I honestly don’t think this angry black woman gives a shit about the civil rights struggles of the 1960’s. She has said this blacks-only event is to combat the, “many Black people [who] are constantly working against racism, implicit bias and White allies who co-opt Black liberation movements.”

So in reality, this event isn’t against racist white males, it’s a big “f*ck you” to black and white people who fight racism. That makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

According to the event FaceBook page 89 people (black of course) have already committed to attending. Attendees are encouraged to not only be black, but to also wear all black. The only other rule: “have fun.”


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