Denmark debates rising cost of asylum seekers

The expenses incurred in handling asylum seekers in Denmark have doubled to well over 9bn kroner, according to The Copenhagen Post.

The online newspaper also reported that Dansk Folkeparti (DF) and Socialdemokraterne (S) are now accusing the current Venstre-led government of breaking its campaign promises to slow down the numbers and slash the costs the country pays for asylum seekers.

Last year (the last full year of Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s government), the cost stood at 4.7bn kroner as 14,815 people sought asylum.

And according to a parliamentary answer from the immigration minister, Inger Støjberg, the anticipated 25,000 asylum seekers headed to Denmark next year will cost the country nearly 10bn kroner.

“One must recall that Venstre clearly promised voters fewer asylum seekers and that they would save billions in costs,” DF head Peter Skaarup told the local Metroxpress. “Neither thing has happened.”

“The costs are billions more and the government announced that they expect a record 25,000 asylum seekers next year,” parliamentary minister Benny Engelbrecht (S) said. “Venstre is not keeping its promises.”


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