We are looking for 10 heavily armed killers

Belgium’s foreign minister Didier Reynders told the ABC news that the country’s primary concern right now is to find about 10 individuals whom Belgium authorities believe could launch a Paris-like attack with “heavy weapons” and “suicide bombs.”

Reynders said the “heavy weapons” might be Kalashnikovs or “maybe more than that.”

He also said intelligence seems to indicate that commercial centers and shopping malls are targets — not schools or metros.

“The most important threat is on some shops and some shopping centers…more shopping centers and other kinds of commercial activities,” he said. Schools and subways in Brussels are currently closed but are set to reopen Wednesday.

Reynders said officials have received a huge number of tips about suspected attacker and fugitive Salah Abdeslam, who authorities said fled the scene in Paris and returned to his hometown in the Brussels area the morning after the shooting. But Reynders said he is confident Abdeslam will be captured.

He also said that while intelligence sharing among countries is improving, it’s still not enough.
“It’s impossible to say that we had 130 dead people or more in Paris and it was a success for all the services, for the security services,” Reynders said. “We need to do more and more.”

Brussels will remain on the highest level terror alert through next Monday, Belgian’s prime minister said.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Paris’ prosecutors office told ABC News that a second person was seen on a Paris subway with the attacks’ presumed mastermind, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, on the night of the attacks.

President Francois Hollande, seeking to rally global support for the military campaign against Islamic State, met with U.S. President Barack Obama at the White House on Tuesday where they agreed to scale up operations against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

At a joint news conference, Hollande said he and Obama shared a “relentless determination to fight terrorism anywhere and everywhere.”

In Paris, prosecutor Francois Molins said Islamist militants who died during a shootout with police on Nov. 18 had been plotting an attack on the capital’s business district. Reuters exclusively reported the plot to attack the district of La Defense on Nov. 18.

Molins said he had put under formal investigation a Frenchman who had provided lodging for Abaaoud and his associates at the apartment in the suburb of St. Denis.


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