Swedish police arrests man for plotting terrorist attack

Iraqi fundamentalist Mutar Muthanna Majid was arrested by the Swedish police, after a two-day manhunt.

AFP news agency reported that the Daesh member was arrested for “plotting terrorist attack.” On 18 November, Sweden had increased its terrorist threat by one step to four, arguing that there was “concrete information” of a possible attack. The level four meant that there is a high probability that “persons have the intent and ability to carry out an attack.”

According to Reuters news agency, the Swedish police was looking for the Iraqi man in “strategic and public places.” Muthanna Majid was finally caught in a centre for asylum seekers in the north-eastern city of Boliden. The Iraqi fundamentalist was trained in Syria and entered Sweden on November 18 with the intent to carry out an attack.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven congratulated the security services for the “speed with which the suspect was located and arrested.” The Swedish intelligence agency, Sapo, said in a statement that the arrest of the 25-year-old Majid “took place in a calm manner” and now the fundamentalist is being interrogated.

Sapo said its officers had carried out the first interrogation of the fundamentalist. “We are now in a very intense stage of the investigation and we are still very interested in his activities and people he met with since arriving in Sweden,” spokesperson Mark Vadasz told the AFP news agency.

According to the Local Sweden, Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist said in an interview with the Expressen tabloid that Swedish police is looking for more terror suspects who are believed to be at large.


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