Pro-invasion demo flops in London

A far-left protest “vigil” designed to call on UK Prime Minister David Cameron to “do more for migrants” struggled to attract 100 people onto the streets of Central London last night.

Organisers from the Socialist Workers Party also tried to hand out leaflets for a winter appeal ahead of a sister group – Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) – taking their protest to the French port of Calais. Very few passers-by would even take a leaflet.

The leaflet said in part: “We ask people to collect cash at work, trade union branches or elsewhere and buy SUTR festive cards which they will take over  to Calais with your solidarity messages and collections for refugees. (Please note we will keep a small percentage of donations to sustain our @refugees welcome here’ political campaign)”

The group also co-opted the ‘Black Lives Matter‘ slogan, changing it to ‘Refugees Lives Matter’, mimicking the hard-left, aggressive, anti-police group currently causing havoc in the United States with the help of millions of dollars from George Soros.

The SWP also believes in the legalisation of paedophilia and was a firm and ‘unconditional’ supporter of the IRA throughout its bombing atrocities.


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