Turkey needs to be “partner” in solving asylum crisis

Minister Bert Koenders of Foreign Affairs believes that Turkey needs to be a “good partner” in solving the asylum crisis, as many refugees arriving from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan do so through Turkey. He therefore wants the EU to quickly arrange a meeting with the new Turkish government to discuss how the refugee crisis will be approached, NOS reports.

“We are truly living in an era of Real-politics, as they say. We will certainly have to look at how we will deal with the new government. But it is incredibly important for the Netherlands and Europe to address the refugee issue.”

Turkish president Erdogan’s AK party won the Turkish elections in very nearly a landslide on Sunday.

According to the broadcaster, Koenders wants to build shelters in Turkey so that refugees do not try to cross the Mediterranean Sea and face all the dangers that entails. He does acknowledge that this will not be easy to organize. “The Turks will undoubtedly demand a good price. It must be negotiated carefully”, the Minister said.


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