Finally!! Austria to build fence along its borders with Slovenia

Austrian government decided to build a fence along its borders with Slovenia, to help the orderly crossing of the migrants and refugees in Austria.

Today, Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner told public broadcaster Ö1 that the fence is “about ensuring an orderly, controlled entry into our country,” and is “not about shutting down the border.”

The Austrian coalition government is comprised by the conservative OeVP party and the left-centre SPOe and both of parties, agreed to the need of building the fence. Defence Minister Gerald Klug, of the Social Democrats, told Ö1 radio that he supports the idea of a fence, which is necessary “in order to properly control the refugees” but he stressed that the Austrian government “must not lose sight of humanity.”

Last week at Spielfeld, on the Slovenian border, thousands of migrants broke through the police cordon and started walking on the highway.  Commenting on the incident, Mikl-Leitner, member of OeVP, said that authorities “know that in recent days and weeks individual groups of migrants have become more impatient, aggressive and emotional.” The minister added that “If groups of people push from behind, with children and women stuck in-between, you need stable, massive measures.”

Slovenian authorities are struggling to handle the migration influx and they want to relieve pressure at a camp in Sentilj, where migrants are awaiting passage to Austria. The authorities of the country, already asked Vienna to open a second point of entry.

Overall, more than 70,000 refugees entered Slovenia after Hungary decided to close its border with Croatia. Last week, the Slovenian government decided to assist the national police by grating the right to the Slovenian army to be deployed at the Slovenian borders and help the police in patrolling the borders. Yesterday, Germany also announced that it will assist the Slovenian authorities by sending police forces to the Slovenian borders.


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