Immigrants feel isolated in Slovakian refugee camp. They apparently need internet, are bored, and can only play cards all day. Why did they flee Syria again?

The original article is about immigrant boy that fell from 4th floor while playing inside the building.

They complain about how much time it took Ambulance to get there. The boy will survive and is out of critical condition.

But then, of course, they had so complain on other things too.

“We are isolated here. We don’t have internet, newspaper and don’t know what happens outside. We miss/need information and also we have nothing do to. Playing cards all day and go on courses, but we miss contact with the outside world,” says Mohammed. (my translation)…

The audacity of some of these “refugees” is outstanding. I thought they were fleeing from war zone? Apparently providing food (and they even complained about that too), shelter and now even building playground for their children is not good treatment…

Report in Slovak


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